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Are you looking for the best digital marketing course which is entirely up to date and provides real-time work experience?

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Digital marketing is an advanced phase of traditional marketing that is booming faster in comparison to other industries. During the Covid-19 pandemic lockdown, demand for online digital marketing courses increased. If you check the “Digital Marketing” keyword in the SEO tool, then you can find massive sech volume across India as well across the world.

I have observed some of the prominent institutes or universities having digital marketing certificate courses without practical knowledge. Do you think it is justified? Digital marketing is too competitive that we can’t imagine digital marketing leaning without practical experience. To sustain in the market, digital marketers need to up to date on new technology and tactics.

What does the best digital marketing course offer?

If I share a list of best digital marketing courses that will not help you .planty of digital marketers and universities offering such courses but without knowing what will they cover, I think it is not justified. So here the some of the topics that should be part of the best digital marketing course.

  1. Marketing Fundamental: Without knowing the fundamentals of marketing, you can’t understand digital marketing. It is an essential part of the digital marketing course.
  2. Selection of profitable Niche: Selection of niche is crucial. It seems very easy, but in reality, it is not so. If you do not have passion for your niche, then you cant promote as well as you can’t write about your niche. I have seen so many people who lost their niche in the absence of passion. Under a good mentorship, you can build your niche effectively.
  3. Creating Website /Blog: The course must provide a guide to make your own website/blog. It is strongly recommended to have a website/blog to do practical because it is proof that you can do digital marketing. It helps you to build an audience vis email list, pixel audience, and online presence. Many service providers are available in the market, which offers an easy process for domain selection and hosting.
  4. Content creation: Content creation must have a digital marketing course because advertising needs attention, and attention needs content. When you get attention, you can build your brand. The core of advertising is content, and content creation is an art to attract the audience.
  5. Lead generation and Email marketing: Contact details of random people is not lead. Leads have some relevance to your business and product. Collecting the right leads for your business is an art .once you learn lead generation, you have a lot of power in your hand. So lead generation and email marketing must be part of the best Digital marketing course.
  6. Social Media and Networking: Social media and networking must be a part of a digital marketing course. Social media and networking do not mean Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram .my means building your social media and networking platform because it’s your property, and you are free to engage any time with your guidance without any interruption.
  7. Facebook ads: Facebook has reached 2.45 billion people worldwide. 80% of internet users are Facebook(and Instagram). Facebook has more information about its users, and hence we can’t ignore the power of Facebook. So Facebook ads mastery is essential to build up your tribe or business.
  8. Google ads: Google search ads are focus on Inbound marketing. People search for something when they want it in terms of information, products & services. Google gets 3.5 billion new search queries per day and 40000 search queries per second. When it comes to” search” google rules. Google display network is supported to cover 98% of the web. Google searches are text-based, so you need to know trending words worldwide to reach out audience. You can’t underestimate the power of google. It would be best to convert such massive traffic into leads and leads into sales if you had a strong funnel. Google ads are the core of the digital marketing course in terms of marketing.
  9. Search engine optimization: when people want to discover you, you should be discoverable. Search present is essential for getting found. ON-page SEO is just about good user experience, and Off-page SEO is only right about distribution (marketing). You need to know about On-page SEO and Off-page SEO.

List of online digital marketing courses:

It will not justify if I will not share some of the best available online courses.

So here we go.

DigitalDeepak Internship: When it comes to my experience, the DigitalDeepak internship is top of the list. Mr. Deepak Kanakraju is a mentor of this course, which is emerging as a good mentor. I have enrolled for this internship, which offers me cashback up to 100% after completing each assignment. The total duration of the course is four months. The good thing about the training is your project does not get rejected—the mentor gives feedback for improvement and then resubmit until the job gets approved. The course does not hide any clause related to cashback. Everything is transparent.

Digital Vidya: Digital Vidya is a well known digital marketing agency. Pradeep Chopra is the CEO and Co-founder of Digital Vidya. A digital marketer by passion, he has been part of this industry for over 17 years now and has personally trained over 1500 professionals, including CXOs’ across ASIA. Digital Vidya has more than 11 years of experience in the digital marketing and training industry. They offered their first social media training in 2009 and then full fledge course in 2013. they have plenty of corporate connections.

Udemy: The best thing about Udemy is the variety of courses and low prices. If you are looking for a system that gives you a complete overview, you are in the right place. Udemy courses come with a 30-days money back guaranty.

edX: edX is a well-known agency that offers different domain courses by reputed universities of the world. Digital Marketing Certificate program on edX designed by world-renowned marketing professors at the Wharton School imparts these essential marketing skills most in-demand today. If you want to pay for certificates that will get you a job, then edX is doing an excellent job of connecting born learners with prospective employers.

Free Digital Marketing Courses( LinkedIn Learning-Lynda): LinkedIn Learning (Lynda) offers a variety of digital marketing courses and certifications for individuals al all levels, from shout terms introductory courses to experienced professionals

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