How to Start Using Brainstorming for Blog Set up

Are u afraid about setting up your first blog or website? or else you do not know what are the steps you have to follow to set up a blog?

Don’t worry you are in the right place. I will share the brainstorming that I have done before setting up my first ever blog and I am pretty much sure that you will feel it’s child play.

without any further delay let’s start.

So many tools are available in the market but I have preferred WordPress (which is an open-source content management tool) due to its popularity around the world.

Brain map:

To set up a blog these are the points to be remembered.

  1. Register for Domain
  2. Register for Hosting
  3. Update nameserver if the domain and hosting service providers are different.
  4. Install Word Press through Hosting service provider interface called Cpanel or Hpanel.
  5. Check Configuration.
  6. Update some important settings. ( site name, title, timezone, reding setting, comment setting, permalink setting,
  7. Install WordPress thems
  8. Install Plugin
  9. Set up your page and post

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